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Bulk Soils and Rock

Bulk Rock

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Concrete Sand and Gravel Mix
Pre-mixed sand and gravel-sold by the yard

concrete sand and gravel

Washed Sand
Perfect for sand boxes and sweeping between your paver stones.

washed sand

Rock 3/4" Clean (drain) limestone
Great for French drains or dry river beds.

Rock 3/4 Clean

Rock 3/4" Minus Roadbase
For driveways and potholes

rock 3/4 minus

Pea Gravel
Ideal for many uses including garden landscaping driveways, walkways, playgrounds, fountain floors & aquariums.

pea gravel

Decomposed Granite
Also known as DG, decomposed granite is a granitic rock that has weathered to the point that it readily fractures into smaller pieces or chunks of weak rock. It is popular for pathways and using between pavers.

decomposed granite


Bulk Soil

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Growers Blend
This is a premium mix for all your growing needs. It contains: peat moss, coconut coir, perlite, pumice worm castings, steer manure, chicken manure and sand.

grower's blend

Blended Soil
This soil is ideal for flower beds, vegetable gardens or any raised planter area where an amended topsoil is needed. This is a blend of clean topsoil and recycled compost with a ph between 6 and 7.

blended soil

Soil Green Compost
Composted blend of 100% recycled plant material and wood waste. Rich and dark in color. High organic matter content and nutrient value. Contains beneficial microorganisms. Economical and environmentally friendly when used as a soil amendment and or topdress mulch.

soil green compost

Large Decorative Bark
Large bark is derived from Douglas fir bark, White Fir, or Red Fir and contains very little wood fiber. It is very uniform looking in terms of size and texture. Its particles are between 2 and 3 inches in diameter. Large Bark will persist longer than most wood or bark materials. It is a long lasting mulch which will help retain soil moisture and suppress weed growth. The suggested minimum application rate is 9 cubic yards per 1,000 sq. ft. to provide a 3 inch layer of mulch.

decorative bark

Cedar Mulch (Gorilla Hair)
This is a fibrous blend of cedar bark and wood. It provides a dense cover offering excellent moisture retention and weed suppression. It is an excellent choice for slopes and smells nice.


Bark with Gorilla Hair Mulch
1"-2" average particle size. 100% shredded fir. A mixture of bark nuggets and wood fiber with varied particle size and shape. Highly efficient for mulching. An economical, popular choice for streetscapes since it stays in place and is less flammable than more fibrous shredded barks.

bark with gorilla hair mulch


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