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Our garden department evolved soon after we bought the store in 1999. Our customers asked us to bring in bare root fruit trees so we started there. Pete Robinson, our employee at the time, helped us launch this department, as his training was in horticulture and entomology. Our customers asked us for more so we started buying from Eisley's nursery. The supplied us with our annuals which we filled six homemade tables with. From there we kept growing. Our customers requested and we responded.

Today we have expanded to a full department of annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and seasonal bare root and vegetables. We buy our plant material from Eisley's Nursery in Auburn, keeping our prices the same as theirs, Blooms, Monrovia, Sonoda and L.E Cook nurseries. We buy plants including Proven Winners, that we know will thrive on the Divide in our clay soils. We carry a large variety of deer resistant plants. Our garden employees are knowledgeable, helpful and will knock themselves out answering questions and giving good customer service.

We not only have all the plant material you need to have a beautiful garden, we carry everything else you might need to enhance your yard. We carry a variety of fertilizers, organics and soil amendments. We have the materials to build raised beds, greenhouses and irrigation supplies. Our rental department has the equipment to help you with your heavier jobs.

Our prices are competitive with the big boxes so no need to leave the "Divide". Give us a call or just come in and see us.

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