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Gardening Tips


This has been a challenging season to say the least. With this severe water shortage Jerry and I decided to let go of the idea of ever having a lawn again. We were initially disappointed and worried about how it would look. We live on five acres and have a beautiful perennial garden landscaped around the area of lawn where we used to enjoy an occasional game of croquet. Since we let our lawn die, we have not missed it one bit. No more mowing and spraying for weeds. No more frustration with brown patches, mole and golfer holes. Our water bill is down substantially. The oak leaves that now cover the area where the lawn used to be, has a golden sheen to it that looks quite attractive. My perennial garden stands out nicely, not competing with a green lawn anymore. We are still deciding whether we want to fill in the old space with wild flowers or tufted grasses that can live without water. We are keeping an open mind for now and enjoying our less labor intensive yard and lower water and chemical bills.

Did you know that a lawn is like a desert to birds and other wild life? There is no opportunity for pollination or food for birds, bees and butterflies.

If you want to encourage and provide opportunities for food and pollination in your garden, plant flowering annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. Insects, birds and butterflies are species specific, so plant a variety of colorful plants to attract a variety of wildlife.

Make sure you have plenty of bird baths and small vessels of water set out in different areas of your yard. You will attract birds and insects which will take care of many of the pest problems in your yard. You will attract pollinators so your flowers, vegetables and fruit trees will produce more food for you and the wild life.

Jerry and I have dramatically cut back on our inventory of lawn seeds and fertilizers. We have been closing out many products. If you are still attached to having a lawn check out our great close out sales. We are making an effort to bring in more environmentally sustainable products that will bring good health and beauty to your gardens and the environment.

We have a line of fertilizers called Peruvian Gold, made from llama poop that will give your garden a shot in the arm.

After many requests, we are now carrying Happy Frog Potting Soil and Fox Farm Ocean Forrest.

Thank you for your suggestions.

We do listen.

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