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Community Outreach

We believe in giving back to and supporting the community that supports us. We also believe that shopping locally helps to sustain a healthy economy; it is also more environmentally sound.

The following is a list of local businesses we shopped:

All Cycles Holiday Market
Teichert Sierra Worm Compost
Bear Creek Quarry Cork & Fork
Georgetown Precast Beer Works
Guy Nixon (Author) American River Grill
Georgetown Gazette Mimi Oulis Spin Class
Marval Market  



We have also implemented a new program at the time of customers check out. We have chosen local charities to support and have given our customers the opportunity to round up the sale when paying for their purchases. They have come through with the spirit and generosity so typical of people on the "Divide". Recently OUR CUSTOMERS donated $1050. to Kris Bingham who severed his spine in a terrible automobile accident. Our customers also donated $519. to Golden Sierra High School and $782 to the Diabetic Youth foundation. We encourage input from the community and will consider any request for a donation collection that makes sense to us.

Jerry and Janice have both been active volunteers in the community. Jerry is an active member of the Georgetown Rotary, and a past president and continues to support all the local events and fundraisers that the rotary is involved with. Janice has volunteered in the classrooms at Northside School and has helped Jerry with many Rotary events through the years.

Education is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. We donate discount and loan materials to the schools whenever they ask. We take seriously the idea that "It takes a Village to raise a child".

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Restoring the Stamp Mill in Georgetown Park. Hart Song Biscuits and gravy cook off fundraiser

community outreach image community outreach image
Construction of Stamp Mill storage shed in Georgetown Park Local student wins scholarship award

Customer Apprecition Day 2016

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