3923 Courageous Rd (Hwy 193)
Greenwood, CA 95635
(530) 885-7421
M-F 7am- 6pm | Sat 8am-6pm | Sun 9am-5pm

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Divide Supply, Inc. has been successfully selling cement to our customers on the "Divide" now for over five years. The advantages we offer our customers are:

  • Our customers get the free use of a buggy when purchasing a quarter, half, three quarters or full yard of concrete. Our competitors don't offer that.
  • Our customers don't have to travel a half hour or more to buy concrete for their projects.
  • Most competitors won't allow their buggies to travel all the way to the "Divide"
  • We are open seven days a week from 8am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and 9am to 5pm on Sundays.

Our rental department is happy to answer any of your questions you may have. Give us a call at 530-885-5130


Concrete Supplies
Concrete Trailer 5 Sack Mix
1 YD, 3/4 YD, 1/2 YD, 1/4 YD
Concrete Vibrator
Bull Float 48"
Wood Float
Mag Float (hand)
Trowel (hand)
1/2" Radius Edging Tool (hand)
1/2" Radius Joint Tool (hand)
 Concrete Tamper
Concrete Fiber Bag $8.59
Steel Form Stakes, $0.80 cents each per week
Saws and Cutters
Concrete Saw (gas hand held)14"
Concrete Saw (gas walk behind) 8HP 14"

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