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About Us

We are famous for listening to our customers, bringing in suggested products and implementing their ideas.

Divide Supply, Inc has been in business for forty one years. Jerry and Janice Hoyt purchased it in 1999 after deciding to go into business for themselves. Jerry came from the automotive industry and Janice came from a career in real estate. In 1999 Jerry's boss told him he was going to have to move to Detroit or Los Angles to keep his job. They decided that staying close to kids and grandkids was more important than corporate success. After considering their options, they decided to buy Jerry a job! After a few months it was obvious that this needed to be a family affair, so Janice gave up her career in real estate and joined Jerry in the business. They were excited at the challenge of expanding a successful lumber yard into a full blown hardware store and nursery. Janice had just completed a UC Master Gardening course and has had a lifelong passion for gardening, so adding a garden center was a natural fit. Jerry had his contractor's license and had built their home and remodeled several investment properties and was a natural at fixing things.

Janice loves to share her knowledge about gardening and Jerry loves to help people with their projects. Listening to the community's needs has helped them grow their business into a thriving retail operation. They are open seven days a week to help with their customers projects. Feel free to contact them with any questions or comments you may have.

You may call the store at 530-885-7421 or email them.
Store Hours: Mon to Fri 7am-6pm Saturday 8am-6pm Sunday 9am-5pm

 Janice and Jerry, owners 



divide supply employee

Thiago Recently came to us for a position in our yard. Thiago is knowledgeable, friendly and hard working. We are very happy to have Thiago as part of our team and hope that you will get to know him well.

employee Gerri

Dylan comes to us with experience in the retail and hardware industry. He has proven to be helpful to the customers and knowledgeable about the product. We are happy to have Dylan on our team.


divide supply employee

Jim  is the perfect complement to our team. He is our go to handyman for any special in store projects we may have for him. He is capable and clever and can help you with your projects too. Jim enjoys restoring old cars and collector motorcycles and trailers. He has a knack for making things look pretty.

employee Ted

Ted, aka Grandpa Works, has lived and worked in the community for over 20 years. He and his grandsons have worked on the Divide doing all kinds of handyman projects from plumbing to fence building. He can be proud that he has helped launch his grandsons into successful careers of their own. Ted will not only help you with your projects, he's very likely to tell you a joke and send you out the door a little more light hearted. Everyone who knows Ted, loves Ted.

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Dorinda is our new / old back office gal. I say new/old because Dorinda worked for us almost from the beginning for over eight years. We cried when she left and celebrated when she returned! She returned to us in March of this year and is settling into her old position as the Ace back office girl. Dorinda is a sharp gal and her dry wit and calm demeanor help keep our back office sane. We are so happy and lucky to have her back.

employee Gerri

Gerri, It didn’t take long for Gerri to jump in and start building displays, learn to make paint and attack every job we ask her to do with a can do attitude. Gerri is customer friendly and ready to help with all your projects. 

employee Gerri

Alberta, One of our most senior employees. She comes to us with much experience and a steady, even tempered maturity that we appreciate.  Alberta is a colorful person with an interesting background and a family history on the Divide.

employee Gerri

ChaseChase joined us to help out in the store and yard. After working with us for less than a week, we can tell we picked a winner. He is quick to pick up the job at hand and is willing to go the extra mile for the customer.

employee Gerri

Coyis a local recent graduate from Golden Sierra High School who has been working part time in our yard. Coy has shown us his positive attitude and is not afraid to tackle any job we give him. He has mastered to equipment and learned the lumber in our yard. We are sorry to be losing Coy this fall. He will be joining the Navy and we wish him all the success in the world.

employee Gerri

Ashley, Our youngest grandchild and employee. Ashley loves to come in and help out once in a while.  She enjoys re stocking the sodas and candy and  helping us make everything pretty by dusting and sweeping. She loves all the doggies that come in to visit us!

employee Gerri


employee Gerri

DemeWe don’t know how we managed before Deme joined our team. He has quickly picked up the yard routine and is now being cross trained in our rental department. He fits in nicely with our other great employees and we feel lucky to have him on our staff.

HeatherSmart, hardworking and a natural leader describe Heather. She recently moved here from Maui after running her own business with her husband. We are selfishly glad she got island fever and moved back home. She has quickly excelled at making paint and isn’t afraid to tackle any challenge.

Tina Tina is the newest member of our team. She comes to us with a nice background in retail sales. Raised in Grass Valley, Tina feels right at home here on the Divide. Come in and say hey to Tina and make her feel welcome. She is friendly and anxious to get to know our customers.


employee nancy

Nancy has worked in the garden department for over nine years. She works for us two days a week and free lances the rest of the time helping our customers with their landscaping and pruning needs. She volunteers at the community garden, cleans the town of Cool, and is now taking a Master Gardening course. She is generous with her time and knowledge. Nancy is truly loved by all our customers because she is all about good customer service.

Patti Patti has lived in the trails and has been a great customer of ours for 17 years. She would always come in on a mission looking for plants for a new area of her garden she was developing. She has boundless energy, creativity and enthusiasm. I feel fortunate the we finally talked her into coming to work for us. We really appreciate her creative abilities that she has put to use in our garden center. Come look at the improvement that she has made.  She has the ability to help our customers with all their landscaping questions.  Watch for classes Patti will be giving in our garden center advertised in the Town Crier, Facebook and Gazette.


employee jeff

Jeff comes to us with over fifteen years experience in small engine mechanics. Jeff is a California native son who enjoys reading and cycling in his spare time. We are lucky to have Jeff as part of our team and look forward to getting to know him better.

Jerry Jerry has rejoined our team, running the rental department. We missed Jerry after he left and are really happy to have him back. Jerry is a hardworking, community minded young man. He is a member of the Native Sons and his commitment to the community shows up in his work at Divide Supply.


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